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About Us

Created in 2017, Pathfinder Trail Building lives by a simple quote; ‘Lead, Never Follow.’ These simple words mean you’ll find us at the front of the pack. Pushing the boundaries of fun, community connecting, creating smile inducing trails that work with the environment to create a place for trail users to connect with nature. Whether that is handle bar clenching tech trail, fast flowy contour trail, or flowing trails in your trail runners and hiking boots. They all provide the opportunity to benefit from the physical and mental connection with the great outdoors.

‘Our goal is to create opportunity. Opportunity to create unforgettable moments, and have fun in nature. Now more than ever we need that opportunity to escape and reconnect for physical and mental health. Our trails create those opportunities while being thoughtfully crafted into the communities they connect and serve.’ Adam Buck, owner


Here’s a quick description of our services. We are light and nimble with our approach. If you are looking for something else in the trail realm let us know by contacting us!

Trail Construction

From backcountry single track to paved pump tracks we have the experience to get your trails built to last.

Trail Maintenance And Upgrades

The key to a good user experience is well maintained trails! We can bridge that gap for miles of smiles.

Trail Design And Planning

Whether your plans are big or small we can help build a team to design your next destination.

Trail Media

Sharing the stoke! We can assist with content development of your newest trails through our content production partners.

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We are always on the hunt for strong and dependable individuals who enjoy the rewards of hard work, fun trails, and life on the road! Joining our crew at Pathfinder Trail Building is committing to a lifestyle.

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